Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's all relative

So, I have this memory.

It was a Friday night. At the bar.

Completely unexpected.

She sauntered in...with a boy at her side. And I immediately dismissed her.

And she was hot. Boot cut jeans, over boots, button down shirt, dark brown wavy hair past her shoulders...

The boy at her side made it easy to dismiss her. He clung to her like a limpet, as cool as he tried to be. I'm not stupid.

Hours later, playing pool, we were paired. And the first thing I thought where she was concerned was: Shit.

Hey, she said. You're Rebecca. (My name had come up on the chalk board.)

I nodded. I couldn't fix this if I tried. My friends had commented on how I'd not paid attention to her. Now I had no choice but to do so.

"Kathleen," she said. Offering her hand.

When she kissed me the first time, I continued on with the game, but leaned back carefully. When she kissed me the second time, and then disappeared off to the bathrooms, I frowned. And then here came her "boyfriend".

"Hey," he said, sidling up to me, "how's it going?"

"Fine. What's your point?" I asked shortly, chalking my cue.

"Well, I saw you kissed her," he stated.

I think that was the closest I've ever come to smashing someone's nose into their brain.

"Actually, she kissed me," I told him. I then leaned back and said, "You should know the difference."

He laughed, and said, "I think she likes you."

And I said, "Really? YOU think she likes me?"

He said yes.

I told him to fuck off.

And when she came back, I told her what he had said, and she said she was sorry. And I told her I would not have anything to do with her if there was a boy involved. And this is what she did: She kissed me again, and fished in her wallet, and gave me her business card...and said Please, call me.

I didn't keep it. I tore it into tiny pieces within a week, never called her...but have always wondered...What if...?


  1. yeah ... I have a lot of those 'what-if's' in my past.

  2. I have very few...but they count. They bloody well better count.


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