Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't tell me what I can or cannot do

Today I was reading Independent, a local publication in Chapel Hill NC, just browsing through it, while I ate my breakfast in the 501 Diner. I came across the Letters To The Editor section...and for some reason, one particular letter snagged my attention. I read it, and was very affected emotionally by it. Let me share it with you:


On May 8, 2012, the citizens of North Carolina will vote on an amendment to the state constitution titled the Defense of Marriage Act, providing that "marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be recognized in the state." The board of Community Church of Chapel Hill, Unitarian Universalist, goes on record in the strongest possible opposition to this amendment. 

Amending the defining document of the state is a serious matter. What is proposed is denial of a right of citizenship--and a human right--to thousands of our citizens. Implications of such laws have been well documented. They can include denial of such rights as that to be with one's life partner at a time of serious illness as well as a great many other restrictions. In 1964, with the Civil Rights Act, our nation's law rose above a history of discrimination on the basis of race. We must not now enshrine discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in our state constitution.

We stand with other churches committed to human rights and with all those concerned with justice. We urge all who share such concerns to vote against this amendment.

Board of Directors
Community Church of Chapel Hill,
Unitarian Universalist

Reading this letter out of the blue caused me to get very choked up. I am not familiar with this denomination, but the words are those that should be spoken aloud to everyone who is in support of DOMA. Why doesn't everyone think this way? It is reprehensible to me that anyone could support something like DOMA, let alone those in the position to "put it up for a vote". Put what up for a vote? Something that all those heterosexuals with entitlement issues take for granted? How about we take away your basic rights and privileges, and treat you like a second class citizen, and see how you like it? 

It's beyond me how a crowd of discriminatory assholes can take away from a huge section of the populace that which they themselves are granted without question. To them I say, "Fuck you." To the writers of this letter, I say, "Thank you." And to all who think and feel as they do.

Which should be everyone.