Monday, April 18, 2011

The sun rises and sets...

I have seen many sunrises and sunsets.

I make it a point of doing so. If I am not someplace where I can view either easily, I have made a point of going to somewhere I can do so. To see it. To experience it. To feel it.

This...habit of mine, if you will, applies to the entirety of my life, my existence. I need to see, to experience, to feel. I will go where I must to take in all I feel I should, all I feel I need. 

We are only granted one life. So far as we know. I've made it a point to try to cram in as much of the beauty of this life as I can. Within the limited resources of my finances. I can't travel to all places deemed beautiful. Yet. But what I am able to view that is beautiful, I will.

I'm currently in the beginnings of a long distance relationship. The woman I am involved with possesses a fine mixture of characteristics I've never before come across. She is sweet, and funny, articulate, and intelligent. Witty, sharp, compassionate, present in a startling way. She does not mislead, nor misrepresent. She is disarmingly forward, yet so very concerned that she not be misunderstood. She surprises me often. While I had no expectations, she constantly exceeds any expectations I might have had. She is, frankly, a beautiful person.

She's on the same continent, but quite far away. Yet, true to my nature, I will go where I must to experience that which I feel is important to me. She does not even question this. She understands the risk, the fear, the trepidation, the bravery, but she does not discourage it. If I need to experience, to feel, to know, she says, Yes, please, I understand.

I will go wherever I must, to find and experience that which my soul craves.

The beauty of life.

The only life I have.

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